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We are working with Doctors & Healthcare Organizations to discover new and innovative ways of keeping people healthy and overcoming medical condition.

Instant Access Health team includes leading physicians, healthcare researchers, clinical operations specialists,platform managers and health economists.

Our Platform technology will help to improve healthcare outcomes for patients and their caregivers.Our Designed Data Management Platform that can integrate and organize large and complex sets of health data are key to providing value based care. Our platform is developed using AI technology that can derive insights from these data sets, and training models with machine learning, we aim to identify new and earlier indications of diseases and develop more automated and scalable diagnostic regimens for our partners.
Our team is applying its expertise toward translating the latest tools and technology into tangible products and platforms that are informed by user behavior and can benefit patients, providers and health systems.

Why choose Us?

Extraordinary people

We work with expert cross-functional team to develop the next generation of health solutions.

Security & Privacy

Your privacy is our responsibility,We are ISO/IEC 27001 information security standard certified platform.Consultations are always completely private and confidential and all medical data is encrypted and stored.

Innovative Technology

We work with partners all around the world to deliver healthcare to everyone on the planet.Our research data shows that over 80% of appointments can be managed entirely digitally.

Satisfaction Guaranted

We enable your Patients to share the good word about you on internet and build credibility.

“Instant Access Health Platform productivity value is obvious and it sends a strong cultural message; all for a modest cost per self branded applications.”

Who do we work with?

Clinics / Hospitals

Our platform allows healthcare providers to serve their customers in a unique way and helps their workforce to deliver services more effectively.


Our platform allows Patients access digital services 24/7 and doctors can manage their time more efficiently, which leads to higher patient satisfaction and decreased doctor burnout.

Diagnostic Centres

We give businesses invaluable insights on the health of their team so they can make informed decisions when it comes to benefits planning and wellbeing strategies.

Health Insurance Organizations

We work with businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to keep their employees present, productive and engaged.

Banks / NBFCs


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